Pristiq sedating

The doctors think my "black-outs" are a rare form of epilepsy that was brought on by neurological damage due to being on such a high dose of seroquel for so long. Many of the issues I have now due to seroquel are rare or uncommon, but i know if I had another chance I wouldn't even risk it. For me gaining weight has always been a problem and I've gained about 12 lbs since taking this medication.I can't keep a steady job due to the permanent side effects and have trouble in social situations. If you're taking it, get off it as soon as possible. Some people see the weight gain as a negative while this is a positive for me. I'm slowly going down on my dosage and trying to get some life back.Well she was wrong it has ended well , she prescribed me ambien 10mg and I sleep at night and wake up ref I seem to be a lot more stable when I take it as I am supposed to. Lethargy, loss of interest, over sleeping, memory problems, permanent stutter, permanent shaking, permanent muscle spasms/rigidity, permanent twitching, equilibrium issues, eye titching, occasional black-outs( permanent), constant daily itching.Started taking it around 12y/o and got off it when I was 16 1/2 y/o.Very calming and sleep-inducing when taken at night. Sometimes I feel my emotions are a little stunted, but I was highly emotional before so its not necessarily bad.

my eyes were rolling around like a cartoon character who takes a blow to the head and it took a half hour until i could see straight/ i felt physically weak the entire next day. i need sleep, but i also need my brains.grogy lithagic, gained 30lbs, couldn't remember name,s words etc zombie like the next day, would catch myself not inhaling or exhaling (too relaxed), I still have blurry eyesight occasionally, had hard time reading other peoples experiences with this deadly drug.

I use Seroquel in conjunction with Zoloft, Klonopin and Xanax (which I now use rarely because panic attacks are scarce thanks to Seroquel).

I never thought I could live a semi-normal life again after my trauma but this drug brings me back down to earth.

After I'm finished with Pristiq, I want to try a lower dose of Seroquel - down to 200 mg/night but I'm in no hurry.

Coming off Pristiq I ha I had been diagnosed with bipolar at the age of 14 after having episodes of mania in which I was delirious, in a state of delusional thinking with a dramatic depression relapse lasting 2 weeks after.

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